Request your personalized eyewear fitting appointment now!

There is no cost for the consultation.  We start by doing a lifestyle analysis to choose the correct lenses which fill your personal visual needs.  We carry a large inventory of ready made frames in addition to creating bespoke (custom fit) eyewear.  No matter what price point, we want all our clientele to be wearing the best lenses and frames that fill their wants and needs.

We also schedule for Eyewear Parties, much like the “plastic ware” parties we have all attended! They are fun, informative and are a great way to get your friend’s input when trying on frames! Contact us for more information or use the form below to schedule yours. All we ask is you have at least 5 guests. We are happy to co-host your party and bring product to your Oakwood, Ohio area home or business. We can also do it at our office if you prefer.

We look forward to hearing from you!