Captivated by the sensual textures

Absorbed in the depth of complex colors

Immersed in the story of its design and creation

Eyewear is art, the first visual representation of one’s self

Bonnie J Ashley

Custom Eyewear

Can’t find exactly the right fit in eyewear? We can create bespoke (custom fit) eyewear just for you


Children’s Eyewear

Specializing in Children’s, tween’s and teen’s eyewear solutions


Sunglasses for all ages

Sunglasses are for every season and every age.  Sun protection is absolutely necessary for healthy eyes throughout life.

Contact Lens Fittings

Our optician is a Certified Contact Lens Technician. Make your appointment and bring in your valid contact lens prescription. We have the latest in Contact Lens Technology available.

Eyewear Parties!

Remember the plastic ware parties we always loved?!
Bonavista Optics offers Eyewear Parties! It follows much the same format but features beautiful eyewear. Our licensed optician will co-host the party with you at your home or office. All we ask is you have at least 5 guests and we will bring product to your home, give a little back ground information and let you and your friends try on frames. All hostesses get credit toward your own eyewear solutions!


Next Steps…

Make an appointment now for your personalized eyewear fitting or schedule your Eyewear Party!

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