Captivated by the sensual textures

Absorbed in the depth of complex colors

Immersed in the story of its design and creation

Eyewear is art, the first visual representation of one’s self

Bonnie J Ashley

Wholesale Distributor-Downton Abbey® Eyewear

Downton Abbey® Eyewear by Bonavista Optics

Inspired by the opulent beauty of the television series and major motion picture, we are pleased to announce we have licensed and developed Downton Abbey® Eyewear by Bonavista Optics, designed and produced with the highest in quality style and workmanship worthy of the name.

If you are a licensed Eye Care Professional, please use the “Contact Us” page to request your code to access the ECP Information on this site. When ready to register, simply go to “My Account” and set up an online account, being sure to select “wholesale” client. Once we have approved your account, you will be able to access both the B2B Shop site. Downton Abbey® Eyewear ophthalmic frames will only be available through Eyecare Professionals who have a registered account with Bonavista Optics, the licensed designer and distributor.

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The American Board of Opticianry ABOC, National Contact Lens Examiners NCLEC

Opticians Association of Ohio, National Academy of Opticianry Fellow, Optical Womens Association, Opticians Association of America, Contact Lens Society of America, Hawaii Dispensing Optician, Ohio Vision Professionals Board Licensed Spectacle and Contact Lens Dispenser

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