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Your Optician




In 1980 Bonnie began as an ophthalmic assistant.  Managing the contact lens department led to employment as both a custom contact lens fitter and sales representative to the eye doctors in the Province.  She opened contact lens/eyewear dispensaries for both private and national companies in Canada.  Recruited to manage an Optometric practice in Hawaii, she dispensed high design eyewear and fit contact lenses for the optometry practice.  Bonnie, being a SAG actor and optician, was chosen to do the eyewear for a national television series.  Fitting celebrities and locals with the very best optical products on the market gave her the opportunity to travel and meet with some top eyewear and fashion designers of the time.

Through the years, she saw a large gap develop within the optical marketplace.  Those who valued quality product, accountability and first rate personalized service were few.  Believing there had to be a better way to serve the optical needs of the community, she developed a plan for a new type of optical dispensary.



Bonavista Optics offers a “by appointment only” format giving private consultations for each client. This allows the appropriate amount of time to get to know the client’s needs, explain the differences between the products on offer, and determine the best suited options. We then can supply products and services from around the world that are unique within the industry.

Based on this concept, Bonavista Optics would also offer Bespoke (custom) eyewear fittings and design services.  The client would be able to draw a frame style they wish existed and Bonavista would take it from there.  A CAD drawing would be done and Bonavista would have it hand made by our artisan in England.  We like to call it “Opticianry 2.0”.  This now is reality and what Bonavista Optics, Inc. is most proud of.

Licensed for both Eyewear and Contact Lens dispensing, Bonnie Ashley is currently registered in Ohio, Hawaii and California. She is ABO and NCLE Certified, and a member of the NAO and OWA. She holds a design certificate from Art Schools of Minneapolis, and is a member of SAG-AFTRA.


Bonnie and her husband David (who is an educator and engineer) proudly have 3 children at home as well as 4 grown children and 8 grand children.