High Tech/ High Style - Bonavista Optics
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High Tech/ High Style

There are various layers when it comes to eyewear dispensing.


The first layer would be the eyewear for fun – enjoying the “flavor of the season”.

Is it inexpensive and interchangeable for the fast paced and flirty?
Or is it the bejeweled beauty?

Only you can decide.


The second layer would include the purposeful pairs.  Whether it is for your athletic needs, driving, computer or sun glasses, they are the eyewear that make your life so much better you simply can’t live without them.

They can be made to order or ready-made for your convenience, we carry both.


The third layer is the pair that are truly a reflection of who you are.

Whether they are bespoke – custom made to measure in 18 Kt. Gold, or a beautiful spectacle from one of our frame designers, they are the ones that are a multipurpose part of your everyday being.

Whatever you are in search of, we will help you find it.