Eyeglass Lenses - Bonavista Optics
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Eyeglass Lenses


In today’s optical climate, this is the area expertise becomes evident as the market changes constantly with new technologies being introduced at every turn.


Instead of lenses being pre-surfaced in .25D steps, they can now be digitally surfaced in 1/100D steps, allowing for a more accurate lens giving you sharper, crisper vision.


Materials, surface or lens treatment options, surfacing technologies…all lead to much confusion as to what is best for each person.


We at Bonavista Optics have made a commitment to our clientele to stay on top of these changes.  We strongly believe offering us your trust is our greatest privilege and we don’t take it for granted.

Experience your “Smart Fitting” which takes multidimensional pictures of your face and frame for a precise fit.


You’ll also be able to see how you look in a variety of frame and lens choices, from a front and side view, thanks to the imaging we gather.  If you’ve had the experience of not being able to choose a new frame because you can’t see without correction, that issue is now resolved.


You’ll also digitally view how your lens will appear in your frame and be able to compare various lens designs and finishes, looking at a virtual image of each.


Our goal is to make you feel more educated, assured and in charge of what your final product will be.

Visit us for your personalized consultation to discover which lens technologies best serve your personal needs.