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Contact Lenses


We have the capabilities to fit and supply you with the best solution for your contact lens needs.

We have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in many areas including:

Bifocal Contacts

Gas Permeable Lenses

Colored and Specialty Lenses

Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily and Extended Wear Lenses

Scleral Lenses

Lenses For Those With Dry Eye Issues

Combination Lenses Such As Toric Bifocals

Toric Lenses (Lenses For Astigmatism)


We will not cut corners with our contact lens services.
We take eye health very seriously, so please be aware of the following policy:


You must always have a valid prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist to order contact lenses.

Eye health must be checked prior to dispensing of any contact lenses, including Plano (no prescription) colored lenses.