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Children’s Eyewear


Infants and children have unique eyewear needs. There are important fitting characteristics that must be taken into account.  Nose bridges for example, are very different from an adult’s and are constantly changing.  Sizing, material and shape are all extremely important.  Baby’s frames should be soft and flexible as they will get pulled and twisted often.


There sometimes is a tendency to purchase frames for children with an allowance of room for them to grow.  This can be a mistake if it is over-sized.  You cannot protect the face as the manufacturer intended if the frame or goggle is too large.  The lenses will be too big and could cause a visual blur in the perimeter if the correct lenses are not chosen.  If the eyewear doesn’t fit, it will be uncomfortable and won’t be worn by the child.  Vision could be obstructed from the side if the frame is too small.

Start having your child’s eyes examined when young by your eye doctor.  Some visual challenges can be halted or slowed if caught early, and other more serious issues could be detected.  Keep your child’s prescription up to date.  Not enough is said about early eye testing.  There is research that shows many learning disorders could be averted if eye care was taken seriously early on in life.  Advanced instrumentation now available makes it even easier for the doctor to detect issues and know your child’s visual acuity at an early age.  Consult with your eye doctor for your child’s individual needs.

Athletic frames, lenses and goggles should be worn for sports activities.  Athletic styles have come a long way from the big bulky goggles to being streamlined and stronger.

Constant use of smart devices has increased the need for eyewear for children. Pay attention to eye strain as blue light affects all of us, as does staring at one distance for long periods of time.  Gaming can cause strain as well.  See your eye doctor and optician regularly for the latest in eyecare and eyewear solutions.

Choose eyewear that is fun and appealing to the child so they will wear them!  We carry children’s styles for every taste, sport and prescription. They range in size from infant to preteen.  Don’t feel your child’s frame has to be childish, there are fabulous adult designs that come in a “mini” version for your fashionista or young athlete.

Take a virtual stroll through our products and services. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised… then make an appointment or drop by to visit us soon.